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Pain Files
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Needle play for lesbians
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Two whores smoked a lot of marijuana decide to play with needles in a motel tonight. They began to stick a needles in the breast by one. Soon, their breasts covered with needles so that was not visible scratch on the skin. But they did not stop and continued to stick needles in the ass and into the stomach for a long time until they got tired and fell asleep. In the morning they woke up and screamed with fright. They called 911 and asked to come and help them. Needles were a lot and they pulled out them for two hours. Here you can see just how it all began. Nice tits, needleplay and piercing photos for your BDSM pleasure. If you do decide to try tits or needleplay play, you should not approach piercing spontaneously. You need to properly investigate tits lesbian questions and ask around people with needleplay masochism experience. If piercing pricking has become an integral part of tits life, it is necessary to consider the needleplay piercing rules of conduct that will help you quickly find the language with new lesbian pricking partners
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